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Hello, Im Gemma

Life Coach, Counsellor & Mindfulness Practitioner

It is true to say, that many people can reach a point in their lives where they feel they are not effectively managing their feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviours, or actions and, as a result, their ability to cope and feel positive about life becomes affected.

Some will push through what is going on for them on their own, however there are others who can feel lost, alone, and unable to see a way forward. That is when they decide they need support to help make sense of what they are experiencing, regain a sense of personal value, develop stronger resilience to life’s challenges and create coping strategies that will last a lifetime.

We all need space to reflect, rethink and resolve.

Areas of specialism

Life Coaching

Grief Counselling

Post Trauma



Change Strategies

Work Balance

Fears & Phobias



Creating a safe space

based at The Chill Out Centre

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Online Sessions

We now offer online sessions making moving forwards even easier


check-out some of our recent reviews

Sally S, Colchester

“Gemma helped me see how my past was holding me back and stopping me from making positive or useful choices in the here and now.”

Annie P, Witham

“ I was referred to Gemma when I was suffering from anxiety and stress following a major relationship break up. She was amazing at supporting me to take back the control in my life that I thought I had lost forever.”

Thomas G, Colchester

“I had four bereavements in two years, and my grief felt like it was weighing me down. I felt stuck and unable to deal with the normal stuff in my life because of it. I worked with Gemma over six sessions and explored how my grief had become a ‘shield’ to protect myself against my fear of forgetting my loved ones.”